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The eagle falconry books listed on this page I have read and can hole heartedly recommend.
Although few are intended as eagle falconry manuals many contain sound knowledge passed on by experienced falconers with many years successfully flying Golden Eagles.
A fact that is often over looked is that although a falconer may have years of experience flying hawks or falcons or both, even though this knowledge of experience is needed, it often takes a different mindset to take on the training of a large eagle. This is not something that should be done on a whim, it should only be done after a great deal of research and thought into the fact that this eagle should be within your care for the next forty to fifty years.
Hawking with Golden Eagles

Hawking with Golden Eagles. Martin Hollinshead.

Although not intended as a manual on Golden Eagle falconry it comes pretty close with lots of insight into training, preparing and flying an eagle at quarry. An excellent introduction for anyone interested in the art of flying eagles and a great read for those that already do. Alan Gates-Eaglefalconer
Hawking with Golden Eagles through Eaglefalconer

The last Wolf Hawker

The Last Wolf Hawker. Martin Hollinshead.

"Martin Hollinshead rediscovers the legendary eagle pioneer, and adds to his story the analytical perspective of someone who hunts with eagles. Anyone interested in eagles should not miss this book." Stephen Bodio

"A very interesting and historical work; certainly a fascinating read for any falconer - even non-'eaglers'." Kent Carnie
The last Wolf Hawker from Eaglefalconer

German Eagle

German Eagle. Martin Hollinshead.

"This fascinating journey through one man's hawking career takes the reader from the excitement of new beginnings in German falconry, through the dark days of the Third Reich and Second World War and into a post-war world where, thanks to Fritz Loges' profound influence, Central European falconry would never be the same again." David Horobin, author of Falconry in Literature

"With German Eagle, Hollinshead continues his almost single handed quest to document historical and contemporary eagle falconry. After revealing Remmler's life and times in The Last Wolf Hawker, Hollinshead's latest instalment provides another scholarly and entertaining biography of an early master of the golden eagle: Germany's Fritz Loges. Recommended for anyone drawn by the allure of flying eagles." Matthew Mullenix, author of American Kestrels in Modern Falconry and In Season
German Eagle at Eaglefalconer

Hunting Eagle

Hunting Eagle. Martin Hollinshead.

‘I sat down with a copy of this book and read it from cover to cover in one indulgent sitting – which confirms the holding power of the author’s writing and how fascinating I found the subject matter. This really is a book that should grace the shelves of all who are interested in this wonderful raptor.’ Alan Gates-Eaglefalconer
Hunting Eagle at Eaglefalconer

Hawking Ground Quarry

Hawking Ground Quarry. Martin Hollinshead.

Not a book entirely about the Golden Eagle but with a great chapter pages 39 to 106, this book is a must for all those interested in large eagles.
It also covers hunting with the Goshawk and large buteos, a great book that gives an excellent insight into hunting ground quarry such as brown hares. Superb action photos.
Alan Gates - Eaglefalconer
Hawking Ground Quarry at Eaglefalconer

I conceed that I have not read the following two books because they are both in French.
Chasse A L'aigle Chez Les Kazakhs

Chasse À L'aigle Chez Les Kazakhs.
"Hunting Eagle in the Kazakhs"
Roland Michaud.

My copy did come with an English translation supplement by Roxana Salem. This is essentially a picture book and is filled with excellent quality photographs of a Mongolian eaglehunter and his family.

Soft cover, 118 pages, Èditions Philippe Picquier. ISBN 9 782877 305471

Chasseurs Du Ciel

Chasseurs Du Ciel.
"Hunters of Heaven"
Frèdèrique Loew with photos by Gilles Santantonio

The photographs in this book seems to have be taken at the same time the film "Lord of the Eagles" was filmed. The book is all about Abilkhak Turlybaev teaching his son to become an eaglehunter.

I was first introduced to this book by Kent Carnie at the Archives of Falconry in Boise many years ago. It took me quite a bit of time to track down my own copy which was sent to me from France.

A very large hard backed book measures 15 inches by 11 inches and is packed with excellent photographs.

Publisher: Èditions de La Martinèrè. ISBN 9 78209 2 400999