Mongolia Gallery.
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Ulan Batar, Mongolia Mongolian Steppe Mongolian lake in winter Shoeing a monolian horse Mongolian goats and sheep
Ulaan Baatar
The Steppe
Iced Lake
Taking out the flock.
Alan Gates with Mongolian Eagle   Alan Gates with Kakiyat   Mongolian eaglehunter   Alan Gates on Mongolian horse   Looking for foxes in Mongolia
First contact
Kakiyat and I
On Horseback.
Looking for foxes.
Mania with eagle   Mongolian horses   Aralbai the eaglehunter   Mongolian horse saddled   Eaglehunters
The Team.
Saddled up.
The Group.
Mongolian eaglehunters  
Mongolian berkut
Eagle Festival winner
  Eagle Festival in Mongolia   Eaglehunters with fox
Mania and friend.
Kakiyats Eagle
  Ready to show   Father and son
Mongolian eaglehunter family  
Soltakhan, eaglehunter
  Marco Polo Sheep skull   Berkut with hare   Berkut with fox
Three Generations.
Big Sheep.
Berkut with hare.
Berkut with fox.
Check out the BBC Human Planet "Hunting Fox with Eagle" filmed in Ulgii Western Mongolia at Eaglefalconer movie page.